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What clients are saying about me?

I have practiced in the field of criminal law since 1988. During that time, I met Ms. Gerwien as an interpreter. Ms. Gerwien has been interpreting for as long as I have been a lawyer and I have found her to be highly professional. She has excellent communication skills and a wide range of knowledge of different Arabic dialects. To my knowledge, Ms. Gerwien has always conducted herself in a professional manner  and has interpreted both in Court and for police agencies.
Bob H. Aloneissi, QC, Partner, Liberty Law, Edmonton, AB
Ms. Jasmin Gerwien has translated at my request Arabic Documents into English. Those translation services were prompt, helpful and by all accounts accurate and precise. I have every confidence in Jasmin’s ability as a translator and interpreter.  I have also had the privilege to come to know Jasmin quite well and I can say without reservation that she is committed to provide competent, careful, and thorough services with particular attention to professionalism and the ethical principles that govern highly skilled and dedicated interpreters. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for translation or interpretation confident that she will deliver in the most exemplary fashion. We’re happy to have Jasmin back in Edmonton and I look forward to continuing to work with her on future projects.
Murray L. Engelking, Senior partner & Owner of Engelking Law, Edmonton, AB
I recently had the pleasure to retain Ms. Gerwien to assist me in a difficult criminal case involving an Arabic speaking accused. Ms. Gerwien was more than helpful in the approach to the problems posed by this case. The client was a difficult person to deal with in either English or Arabic. Her skills as an interpreter are very significant and she was, as I say, of considerable assistance to me in dealing with this particular client. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ms. Gerwien as an Arabic courtroom interpreter.
– Peter J. Royal, Q.C., Attorney, Royal & Company – Edmonton, AB
In 2019 Jasmin Gerwien had assisted the Edmonton Police Service Hate Crime & Violent Extremism Unit by translating multiple social media videos and post from Arabic to English for potential criminal investigation. I found Jasmin to be an intelligent interpreter with excellent work habits and a very impressive knowledge of language, religion and culture. As an Arabic/English translator, Jasmin examined hours of video and produced detailed, line by line translations with time stamps. Jasmin has proven to be reliable and trustworthy. I have no doubt her translation skills will be an asset to the Edmonton Police Service and the Hate Crime & Violent Extremism Unit in the future.
– Clayton Ford,#2400 Constable, Hate Crime & Violent Extremism Unit Edmonton Police Services, Edmonton , AB
Jasmin has helped me with a number of files. She works well with clients and also provided an expert opinion on the quality of hearing interpretation. Practically I really appreciated working with Jasmin because she was quick to respond and also offered expedited translation services when needed.
– Rachael Anderson, Immigration Lawyer, RJA Law  Edmonton, AB
Jasmin Gerwien provides services in Arabic translation and interpretation. She is warm and has excellent rapport with my clients. She is highly professional and I strongly recommend her for any Arabic interpretation and translation services. I will not use anyone else.
– Y. Rory Ziv, Solicitor, ZIV LAW GROUP, Edmonton, AB
I had a fantastic experience working with Ms. Gerwien. I was impressed by her level of professionalism and dedication to quality of service. I would not hesitate to recommend Ms. Gerwien to any professional in need of interpretation services.
– Laura Matalas, Barrister, Pringle Chivers Sparks Teskey Edmonton, AB
Is was great working with Ms. Gerwien. I am delighted with the quality of her translation. The style and accuracy with which she translated our legal documents was exactly what I expected it to be. Ms. Gerwien has also shown extreme cooperation and flexibility in processing rush jobs related to my client’s documents. Thank you!
– Ali Rachid, Barrister & Solicitor – RACHID LAW, Edmonton, AB
Jasmin Gerwien who is a professional Arabic/English interpreter and translator, generously volunteers her time, expertise and support to our clients who have language barriers and need assistance in communicating with our volunteer lawyers. Our clients, and our volunteer lawyers who want to serve the community, benefit from Jasmin’s professionalism, competence and confidence during legal consultations. Not only does she help in our regular Legal Advice Clinic program, but also in special events such as the annual legal Advice-A-Thon that takes place in downtown Edmonton every year. She is our only professional interpreter who helps on a regular basis, and we are grateful for her support.
Giselle General, Volunteer and Communications Coordinator, Edmonton Community Legal Centre (ECLC),  Edmonton, AB
Jasmin Gerwien joined our organization as interpreter in October 2016. We provide mental health services to refugees and immigrants of all ages who have been traumatized in their home countries. All the counsellors and myself were most impressed with the professional attitude that Jasmin exhibited during the counselling sessions. She also assisted us with her excellent cultural understanding of the Arabic speaking clients who arrived to Canada from different parts of the world. In 2017 we asked Jasmin to present a workshop on the skills of interpreting to both our counsellors and our interpreters. Both groups needed help to effectively work together. Jasmin has done an excellent job organizing and giving this workshop and received very high ratings from the participants. Her knowledge of ethics and skills of interpreting continues to remain an important aspect of our work at VICCIR.

In 2019, Jasmin moved from Victoria to Alberta and we were very concerned about loosing her and her valuable skills both as an interpreter and trainer. However, she suggested to continue providing trainings and supervision through Skype. Since then we have been offering regular training sessions long distance and they were all very well received. Jasmin has a standing contract with VICCIR as trainer/supervisor for the interpreters and also as interpreter for Arabic speaking clients whenever needed. I would highly recommend Jasmin as an interpreter and trainer for any organization that she chooses to work with. Her ethical and professional standards are very high. Her work ethics are excellent and she also has a very pleasant personality.

Adrienne Carter, M.S.W.  R.C.S.W, Registered Clinical Therapist VICCIR,
Director of Services Vancouver Island Counselling Centre for Immigrants and Refugees Association, Victoria, BC

CanTalk (Canada) Inc. is a Language Services company. Jasmin Gerwien has been a valued member of the CanTalk interpretation team since April 30th 2017 functioning as a freelance interpreter and translator. Her bilingual abilities in Arabic and English have been an excellent fit for CanTalk. Our interpreters and translators deal with a variety of issues such as health and legal matters, as well as customer service based situations. During the time Jasmin has been active in our database, her status as an interpreter and translator for CanTalk is in good standing.
Sonia Lemus, Translation/Interpretation Services Coordinator, CanTalk Inc., Winnipeg, MB
Jasmin Gerwien is an experienced Arabic interpreter in Victoria, BC. We were extremely glad to have her onboard. She brought her experiences to the team, and was instrumental in helping to set the proper expectations between the Red Cross and other lesser experienced interpreters. She set a stellar example herself as to an interpreter’s roles, responsibilities and limitations, in ensuring proper communication between the parties, upholding confidentiality and impartiality, and maintaining an interpreter’s role boundaries. Because of her contributions, the operations in Victoria went very smoothly, and we have received numerous praises on Jasmin’s performance.
– Hongyan (Jack) Xu, Interpretation Services Manager,  MCIS Language Solutions, Toronto , ON
Jasmin Gerwien’s clientele require the utmost accuracy, Jasmin has been well-trained in legal terminology to ensure that her interpretations always reflect the most accurate meaning and intent. Jasmin is one of the first interpreters to perform OPI (over the phone) interpreting services for the family court system in the state of Illinois, and has expanded her legal interpretation expertise across the United States. Apart from being a professional interpreter, Jasmin enjoys working as a trainer for Boostlingo as well as other language organizations. She trains interpreters of all languages through Webinars, Skype, and over the phone. She also coaches interpreters one on one. Her training materials consist of topics such as: Code of Ethics, Interpreter Protocols, Remote Interpreting Etiquette (both OPI and VRI), and how to become a skilled court interpreter. We are very excited to have Jasmin Gerwien provide training for us! Her passion for interpreting and helping others truly shines during her training sessions with us, and we are very grateful for her passion, knowledge, and expertise, which has helped guide and inspire other interpreters.
Caroline Remer, Global Vendor Programs Manager, Boostlingo LLC,  San Francisco, CA
Boostlingo LLC is software technology company that develops applications for the language services industry, the healthcare sector and the insurance, legal and finance sectors. Our platform is used globally in support of requests for remote and onsite interpreting services. Jasmin Gerwien has been one of our most valued and most requested interpreters in our Professional Interpreter Network since April 10th, 2017. As a freelance interpreter using the Boostlingo Platform Jasmin’s excellence in Arabic and English interpreting support as well as her professional approach has been highlighted to us in numerous comments from within our global end user base that utilize our platform.
Dieter Runge, Co-Founder,VP of Marketing & Business Development, Boostlingo LLC, San Francisco , CA
All of Jasmin’s assignments have received very high ratings and our clients have stated that they are impressed with Jasmin’s knowledge, interpreting skills, ability to be impartial and to follow the IMIA code of ethics always. With this in mind, we have asked Jasmin to lead training webinars for the interpreters that are part of the BPIN (now roughly 2500 interpreters). The training topics included code of ethics, best practices for remote interpreters, how to be impartial while remaining culturally sensitive, among others. We will continue to do trainings with Jasmin as we are very impressed by her knowledge and excellent speaking skills. I would most definitely recommend Jasmin as a trainer for any group of interpreters. She is an expert about the skills needed, and is a pleasure to work with. Her professional standards are very high and unique.
Caroline Remer, Global Vendor Programs Manager,  Boostlingo LLC,  San Francisco, CA
It is not easy to be an interpreter – you need the language skills and the context. I had the opportunity to work with Jasmin in March and April 2016 during our support to Syrian Refugees in BC. Given her credentials and experience, I was not surprised at her language skills, but what made her most valuable was her understanding of the situation and her personal touch and her compassion. Jasmin was well received by all and not only did her job well as an interpreter but showed continuous enthusiasm and initiative. She was the lady with the ready smile to whom the parents and children alike would come to see as intermediary while seeking help or services. She has gained my utmost confidence. A true professional.
– Jean-Yves (J.Y.) Forcier, CMM, CD, MA, Vice-Admiral Disaster Management Volunteer & Strategic Advisor, Canadian Red Cross

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