Jasmin Gerwien

Professional Arabic/English Interpreter and Translator

Member of Alberta Court Interpreters Association (ACIA)

Training / Supervision

“Being bilingual doesn’t make us skilled interpreters”

To qualify as a skilled interpreter, interpreters must follow and live by the Code of Ethics rules and interpreters protocols (Best practices).  It takes ongoing training, studying, constant research, and keeping up with the latest trends in the language industry and the evolving terminology.

In addition to being an interpreter, I provide training to other interpreters of all languages developing their skills. My training is designed to empower and help spoken language interpreters develop their interpreting skills through Workshops, Webinars, Zoom, Skype, and over the phone. I also coach interpreters one on one.

My training materials consist of topics such as Code of Ethics, Interpreter Protocols, Remote Interpreting Etiquette (both OPI and VRI), and how to become a skilled court interpreter.

How to keep up with the latest trends in the language industry and the evolving terminology. 

Monthly supervision sessions for interpreters that have already attended my training sessions and are interpreting in various organization.

Jasmin Gerwien

711-11007 Jasper Avenue, North West, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5K 0K6


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