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Member of Alberta Court Interpreters Association (ACIA)

I am Jasmin Gerwien.

I am a member of the Alberta Court Interpreters Association (ACIA) and have worked as a freelance interpreter and translator for over 20 years in many locales.  I am a skilled English to Arabic and Arabic to English interpreter and translator, and I am well versed in all Arabic dialects.  Using those skills, I was honoured to be appointed as one of the primary interpreters for Syrian Refugees beginning a new life in Canada.

My focus and greatest satisfaction comes from providing high quality interpretation services to the legal profession, including the Courts, law enforcement and lawyers.  I have worked hard to develop a reputation for providing accurate and reliable translation and interpretation services grounded in impartiality and professionalism.  My familiarity with legal concepts is a definite asset in the delivery of competent and careful translation and interpretation services.

In addition, I have been fortunate to have been called upon to provide training to other interpreters developing their skills.

While I am located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, through the use of Skype, conference calls, and other audio and video platforms, I am able to provide interpreting and translating services anywhere in the world.

I look forward to servicing your translation and interpretation needs.

They Trust Me

What clients are saying about me

The training that our organization received from Jasmin Gerwien proves to be concrete, to the point and professional. It gave us insights into common mistakes made by interpreters by sharing daily basis scenarios and important tools that can be used to promote a better communication between all the parties involved. Jasmin is fun and engaging which made the training even more enjoyable. She is highly professional, passionate and dedicated to deliver an exceptional service. Thank you for instructing, inspiring and energizing our team.

– Laura Sabau, Cowichan Intercultural Society, Duncan, B.C.
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I found the training so interesting! Thank you for bringing it to our organization and community. Jasmin is a wonderful trainer; I thought she really got her points across well.

-Jody Cairns, Cowichan Intercultural Society (CIS), Duncan, B.C.

Jasmin Gerwien is my supervisor for interpretation (I interpret English to Punjabi and Hindi for VICCIR). She is knowledgeable and resourceful. She has helped me work through ethical dilemmas as an interpreter. Jasmine is a dedicated professional and encourages all her supervisees to be the same. It is a pleasure and a privilege to have Jasmin as my interpreting supervisor.

-Rewa Grewal, Interpreter in Punjabi/Hindi/English, Victoria, B.C.

Thank you so much Jasmin for your invaluable help and support during this year through your advices and experience that you accumulated along with your professional life. It has been a wonderful experience working with you. I learned a lot from you; your skills as an interpreter and supervisor made such a difference for all of us and especially for me as it has opened me a door for a new horizon to contribute in the community and VICCIR.

-Latifa Elalaoui, Interpreter in Arabic/English/French, Victoria, B.C.

As a supervisor, Jasmin lives and breathe by the interpreting Code of Ethics. This is especially important to help the Interpreters she supervises to follow the Code of Ethics and be better professionals in interpreting in different fields and contexts. She is a driven professional who takes her job seriously.

Samuel Oweis, Interpreter in Arabic/English, Victoria, B.C.

What makes me fascinated with Jasmin is her absolute self-confidence and professionalism. She is replete with energy and enthusiasm for her profession. I had the opportunity to know her and enjoy her experience not a long time ago when I started to have freelance cooperation with VICCIR in Victoria as an interpreter. Jasmin is an excellent trainer too. I participated in her training sessions and learned many details and critical truths about interpreting which did not even think about them before. She shaped my knowledge and honed my skills in interpreting. I respect her for her vigilance to help others. I wish her steering to the further boundaries of success.

-Kaveh Sarmast, Interpreter in Persian/English at Vancouver Island Counselling Center for Immigrants and Refugees (VICCR), Victoria, B.C.

Jasmin Gerwien has been sharing her considerable professional experience with our diverse group of interpreters. Her advice on numerous real-life interpreting cases in our training sessions has been very valuable.

-Zohreh Granfar, Interpreter in Persian/English, Victoria, B.C.

I have just finished my initial interpreter’s training with Jasmin this morning. It was a great training and I have learned a lot about this field. This is a new hat that I will be in and I am grateful to Jasmin for sharing her knowledge and wisdom on how to interpret accurately and faithfully in a professional manner.

-Michelle Carganilla, Administrative assistant at Vancouver Island Counselling Center for Immigrants and Refugees (VICCIR), & Interpreter in Tagalog/English, Victoria, B.C.

Dear Jasmin,
Thanks very much for your training that was filled with passion, observation and personal experiences. You have set us an outstanding standard of interpreting services. It is a great help before I start to provide mine to VICCIR.
I am looking forward to your documents for further self-study of the training course, as well as more such trainings.

-Carol Xu, Interpreter in Mandarin/English at Vancouver Island Counselling Center for Immigrants and Refugees (VICCIR), Victoria, B.C.

We just finished with Jasmin our training session, and it was great! I feel more confident now.

-Iana (Yana) Zavoloka, Interpreter in Russian/English at Vancouver Island Counselling Center for Immigrants and Refugees (VICCIR), Victoria, B.C.

My focus and greatest satisfaction comes from providing high quality interpretation services to the legal profession, including the Courts, law enforcement and lawyers.

Jasmin Gerwien

Professional Arabic/English Interpreter and Translator

Jasmin Gerwien

711-11007 Jasper Avenue, North West, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5K 0K6

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